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My "live" original guitar backing tracks  - Over 150 Blues, Rock, Ballads, Funk and more
All original jam tracks for guitar, produced, performed, & copy written by me- I've put hundreds of hours into these backing tracks over the years.  You can easily download these mp3s and create playable CDs of the backing tracks you want .  There are some examples below -  check out the Featured Guitarist page to hear some folks who recorded over my backing tracks.
Feel free to email me your jam track so I can add them in the Featured Guitarists section.

Sample Rock Tracks - Rock302.mp3  Jam130.mp3  BoppinE.mp3  Rock205.mp3
Funk Tracks - FunkBb.mp3 Funk109.mp3
Metal Track - Metal105.mp3
Ballad Tracks- Ballad113.mp3 Ballad61.mp3

Nasty Ballad Track -  CountryFloyd.mp3
Southern Rock Tracks- Country501.mp3
Punk/Grunge Rock Track- Punk122.mp3
You want Blues? Try These - Blues120.mp3  JailHouseBlues.mp3  Blues126.mp3

My Nov 2011 Featured Track -   - Rock143.mp3

Here's some tracks I've found on the net that are very good.
A Hendrix blues style backing track Hendrixblues.mp3
A SRV syle blues track SRVblues.mp3
A Pink Floyd style backing track pinkfloydstyle.mp3
A nice Blues backing track BluesTrack.mp3
I added the rhythm track to ZZ-Tops "Tush" on this one - the lead is all yours! Tush No Lead.mp3
A fast, 5 min long Boogie Blues backing track BoogieBlues.mp3
Here's my attempt to play along with the insane tempo on the Blues Boogie track (one take!) InsaneBlues.mp3
Dedicated to my friend Bob Spooner from Woomera Australia - You taught me the Blues, Rest in Peace brother

 Email me at  and I'll send a username and password to access all 150+ backing tracks.   I'm NOT a business- I'm just one person trying to help out fellow guitarists and pay my internet bills
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After you receive your username and password click the button below to access all the backing tracks. PC users just right-click and "save file as" to your hard drive. MAC users CNTRL-click to save the target/url. All my mp3s can be burned to a playable music CD.

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Just starting out with home recording? I recommend downloading Audacity's free recording software.
LOOP tracks for Digitech Jamman
I have created loops of some my tracks for the Digitech Jamman

Loop Tracks
Drum Bass Loop
Fast Blues Loop1
Fast Blues Loop2
Funky Blues Loop
Rock Loop
Rock Loop2

NEW!   Video lessons

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Featuring upcoming guitarists from across the World playing over some of my backing tracks.
Send me your mp3 or vid to be featured here!

June 2011 Featured Guitarist Rafael "Balboa" Vasconcelos with a killer lead over my Jam130 b/t

My free tabbed guitar lessons are geared towards  intermediate rock/metal and blues lead guitar players.  Most have wav or mp3 files of me playing the lick so you get a better understanding of the tab.   I add/update the lessons and backing tracks often so be sure to refresh your browser when advancing through the pages.   
  Tabbed out rock and blues guitar lessons with sound files for each
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