June 2011  Rafael "Balboa" Vasconcelos with a nice lead over my Jam130 b/t.

Jun 2008  Kevin McLaughlin w/vox and lead over my Rock139 b/t. "Queen of Brooklyn"

May 2008  Rich from Jacksonville Florida over Ballad169 w/Vox  Changing Faces.mp3

May 2008 Anibal Rodriguez from Lima, Peru over Funk109 FunkImprov.mp3

Apr 2008  Vishwanath from India (now Chicago) over Rock205 turn that noise down - vish.mp3

Nov 2007  Dave Chilson from Lewisburg, TN over my Punk122 track  Old School Madness

Aug 2007 Chuck Morris from Aurora, CO - Over the Hendrix track (not sure who made this track) Blues for Esmerelda.mp3

Sep 2005 Brian Elzey from Cedar Rapids, IA - Here's Brian over Bluesy101 guitarlifter.mp3

Aug 2005 Bruce Maag from KC - Here's Bruce over BluesEJam bbluesEjam.mp3

July 2005  Brian Smith from Millstadt IL. BrianSmith.mp3

June 2005  Steve Cass from Phoenix AZ. Nice blues work here from an old pro. WNFasterBluesySC.mp3

October 2004 Kirk Lorange, from Brisbane Australia. Kirk is an awesome slide guitarist - check him out! fusion2.mp3

September 2004 James (Willie) Wilmoth, from Widbey Island, WA. Willie has been playing a little over 9 years - Check him out on Jim - Mellow.mp3

August 2004 - Chris Pinto from Peeksill, N.Y. Check out Chris's lightning fast scales and arps over my FusionJam96 track. Chrisfusion4.mp3

June 2004 - Kevin Sage from Tempe AZ. Here's Kevin over my slow blues in A track. KevinSage.
and over my Ballad71 track. Kevin Sage Ballad71
One more from Kevin over my Rock Ballad80 track - kevinsage80.mp3

May 2004 - Jim Heidinger from CA. Here's JH's jazzy take over my Ballad64 track - Sweet stuff! Ballad64JH.mp3

March 2004 - Randy Evans from Topeka Kansas. Randy currently plays with the Smith Bros Band out there.
Check his tracks out he put down over my FusionD track. Fumas.mp3
And a sweet bluesy track over BluesAb - Blumas.mp3
Yet another over my SimpleE track - RandySimpleE.mp3

If you would like to have your track featured on Guitar-wav.com - email it to me, or email the link to your mp3!

And here's some tracks done by yours truly - Bob "The Hack" Chiefari from Troy, N.Y.

Here's one of the first add-a-tracks I did on wholenote.com - bcblues.mp3   BobsBbBlues.mp3   
I made this one entirely with a $69.00 Rogue Strat! bcMetal63.mp3
A funky number using a wah over my Funk67 track - bcFunk67.mp3
And a nasty "yah-yah" lead over my Heavy65 track -bcHeavy65.mp3
My lead over over Jam65, using min and maj pent runs -bcJam65.mp3
Here's one I did over a backing track by Jim Heidinger - bc80sBallad.mp3
My lead over Rock Ballad80 - bcBallad80.mp3
My take over E7 Blues Rhythm - bcE7Blues.mp3
And my Jail House Blues (from the heart) - bcJailHouseBlues.mp3
A little blues over a Hendrix backing bcJimi.mp3
A Floyd style lead over my SlowbeatA track bcFloydish.mp3

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