Riff 50: Voicings - Here I show a couple familiar licks that are nice examples of some different voicings of some basic chords. The first is a Doobie Bros lick. The second is from Ozzy's Crazy Train. Referring back to my lesson on scales and the CAGED system (page 2). You'll see in "Crazy Train" that the A maj used here is the "E" voicing and the E maj uses the "C" voicing pattern.

   A  G  D  A

   A  E  D  A

Riff 51: Here's a riff that will help you find your way around the fretboard. The first run is E-Eb-D, B-Bb-A repeated down the neck. I then throw a similar run going back up the neck starting with the G. Riff51 goes through it slow, and 51A is a little faster. I'm using an autowah on this run.

riff51.wav (157Kbs)    riff51A.wav (60Kbs)

Riff 52: Time for a challenge. Here's a sweet little melody that will really challenge your fingers and wrist. Switching between these two chords is pretty tough as well. Good luck !

|--4---------------4---------------4 REPEAT-4---------------4---------------4----|
riff52.wav (160Kbs)

Riff 53: A retro fuzz/phase riff. This is played in C#, it's based on the normal minor pentatonic, but with an extra note thrown in. Instead of playing the normal C# E F# pentatonic run, I'm playing C# F F#. Jimmy Page would use this technique in some of the old Zep stuff.

retro.wav (150Kbs)

Riff 54: This pentatonic riff makes use of the open E and A strings in the key of F#. I'm just using the open A here, but there's a million variations and you can throw the open low E nicely. You'll notice that I vary from the "standard" F# minor pentatonic scale (F#-A-B-C#-E). I start off on the Bb sliding up to the B. I also roll in the C between the C# and B on the way down the riff. In the wav, I've played the run slow at first so you can follow along, then full speed.

riff54.wav (95Kbs)

Riff 55: Neat little riff here I picked up from some old EVH.

riff55.wav (105Kbs)

Riff 56: Here's a riff I pulled from Shane Pacey of The Bondi Cigars from their "Bad Weather Blues" cd. I don't play it exactly like Shane, but you get the idea - it's a cool blues riff.

Shane1.wav (144Kbs)

Riff 57: Some old Rolling Stones to strengthen you hand. This is a really simple song - "Jumpin Jack Flash", but will make your hand hurt like heck if your you're not accustomed to playing barre chords regularly. For the folks trying to get some strength in their fretting hand - try playing this for a little'll soon feel the results. I've broken the song into 2 wav files.

   B Maj
|--7-7-------------------7-7---|   |--7--7-----------5--7--7--|
|--7-7-----7-----7-----7-7-7---|   |--7--7--9--9--7--5--7--7--|
|--8-8-----7-----7-----7-8-8---|   |--8--8--9--9--7--6--8--8--|
|--9-9-----7-----7-----7-9-9---|   |--9--9--9--9--7--7--9--9--|
|--9-9-7-9---7-9---7-9---9-9---|   |--9--9--7--7--5--7--9--9--|
|--7-7-------------------7-7---|   |--7--7-----------5--7--7--|
JumpinJack1.wav (100Kbs)            JumpinJack2.wav

Riff 58: Neat little pentatonic lick in G.

Riff58.wav (57Kbs)

Riff 59: Fast pentatonic riff to impress your friends. Trick here is the pull offs. Practice pulling your 4th finger off so that the bottom note (held with your 1st finger) comes out. As shown in my tab - pick the 21 and pull off to the 17 - may be a little difficult at first. Bend the 19's and 20's with your 2nd finger while holding the 17's with your 1st finger.


Riff59.wav (102Kbs)

¥ Riffs Page 7 ¥

Tablature Legend
 h   - hammer-on
 p   - pull-off
 b   - bend
 pb  - pre-bend
 r   - bend release (if no number after the r, then release immediately)
 / \  - slide into or out of
 ~   - vibrato
 =   - hold bend; also acts as connecting device for hammers/pulls

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